Frequently asked questions

What is Volro?

Volro.in is an E-Commerce platform of Roar Enterprises Inc. We are a Wholesale & Retail Business from Mumbai. Volro.in will be used for retail purpose for the end user only.

Meaning of Volro?

There is no such meaning of Volro, we just thought that our main selling products are Earphones & Mobiles which are incomplete without Volume/Sound. So we just took the 3 letter VOL from the word VOLUME & 2 letters from our business name ROAR. That’s how we came up with the name Volro!

You have a physical store?

No! We do not have a physical / walk-in store, we operate online or through phone call which is followed by delivering products to the doorstep.

How do we deliver products?

We offer deliveries through various courier agencies such as WeFast, DTDC, AMPM logistics. We deliver maximum products within 48 hours.