About Volro

Welcome to Volro, your trusted source for all kinds of Branded Mobiles, Watches & Accessories. We're dedicated to giving you the best of the technology which suits your requirements, with a focus on - Customer Needs, Customer Experience & Roar-Customer Relationship.

Founded in 2021 by Rohan Gouda, Volro has initiated as an online platform of Roar Enterprises Inc. When Rohan first started with the registration of his business namely Roar Enterprises, he had the vision to create a personified system for customers to Call & Order in an easier manner! Which he brought up again on his business's website volro.in, if you see at the top, you'll come across an option to send them a message on WhatsApp or call them for orders.

About the CEO 
Rohan Gouda - Founder & CEO, Roar Enterprises. His journey has just begun but he is into these products since his childhood where he started using his first mobile in 6th grade & bought his smartphone in 9th grade. He believes that technology is a necessity of the modern world. His preferred products are branded because the after-sale services brand provides are better than other products. "The motive is to suggest & sell those products to customers which is worth paying for himself as well as the customer".  The positive responses to the suggestion he is been giving for purchases of Mobile, Watches & Earphones to his family & friends drove him to register his business & start making products available to the consumers at their doorstep. Yes, from doorstep delivery to curbside pickup, his company offers both services. 

We now serve customers all over Maharashtra & Few places in India.

We hope you enjoy the products as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Team Volro
Roar Enterprises.